Why we need to know our body constitution?

Chinese herbs have divided into 5 different properties: hot; warm; neutral; cool and cold.

It is important to know the body constitution in order to diagnose with the correct properties herbs.

If you don't have time to see a herbalist, take these self assessment tests to learn about your body constitution.  


As a reminder, our body constitution changes from time to time according to our diet, weather and age etc.

Please feel welcome to take this test again if symptoms arises, as your body constitution may have changed.

Know your body type quizzes. Yang, Yin, Qi, excessive or deficiency?

YANG body constitution

up, hot, fire, sun (heart)

is associated with masculinity, rational, hardness, attack and aggressive.

YIN body constitution

down, cold, water, moon (spleen)

is associated femininity, emotional, softness, defend and passive.

QI body constitution

circulation, (lung, spleen, kidney)

provides vital energy, warming, defend, blood circulation and distribution of body fluids

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